Strategies for workplace mental health, tested in the real world.


Polar Wellness Consulting runs workshops in the Greater Toronto Area for companies and schools who want to tackle their workplace mental health culture.

All workshops are delivered by Sarah Lindsay, who has over a decade of experience with chronic illness while still thriving at work. Never dry lectures from a text book, but always engaging seminars filled with real world examples and strategies for workplace mental health that your team can enact today.

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What Clients are saying... 

"With her deeply-rooted commitment to talking about her lived experience, and her superb skill as a communicator, Sarah Lindsay shines a bright light on mental health, dispelling the shadows that cloud so much of our conversation. As a post-secondary instructor, I have watched her reach and engage my students in ways I can only dream of doing, and on one of the most difficult topics imaginable. She’s effective because she does so with grace, integrity, candour and a healthy dose of humour. Her advice and insight go beyond simply talking about stigma. She has the gift of real and measurable insight, and uses it fearlessly to help her audience both see and feel the reality of her words – and to give them tangible tips on how to help themselves and others. The world needs more Sarah."

- Larry Till, Humber College